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$250 - Early Bird

$300 -Regular Price

Camp Hours


Early Drop-Off and Late Pick-Up:

8AM & 5PM

KLIQ Martial Arts Kids Summer Camp is back for! Just like our camp last summer, this is a great way to introduce your child to martial arts like Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Muay Thai Kickboxing, and the combination of both striking and grappling: mixed martial arts. The variety of martial arts leads to a higher variability of games and play for your child, keeping them more engaged and motivated throughout practice and most importantly, keeps things fun. 

You might be asking yourself: "Is this camp really suitable for my child if they are not overly interested or enthused about doing martial arts?" and the answer is YES! While we are a martial arts facility, KLIQ Kids Camps only contain two martial arts sessions of 45 minutes, so 90 total minutes of martial arts. The rest of our days are spent playing team and ball sports games, outdoor activities when weather permits, special guest activities, theme based games and activities, and we will cap off the week with a movie on Friday afternoon.


Also, while your child may not be interested in martial arts initially, thanks to using an ecological approach to design representative martial arts practice, we introduce your child to martial arts using a constraints lead approach (CLA) and differential learning. What does that mean? It means your child will learn martial arts by playing live, fun, and interactive games with other children! 

Say goodbye to:

-Random choreographed techniques

-Punching and kicking the air alone

-Waiting minutes, playing for seconds, and waiting again

Say hello to:

-Learning through play and games

-Practicing and learning to play respectfully with a partner

-Playing LONGER, waiting/sitting idly LESS

*Sample schedule

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