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About Joey

Name: Joey "No Money" Morency
Weight: Plate + 25
Height: 42 apples

-Turning athletes into monsters
-The world's best word to laugh ratio
-Human mattress
-Known in some circles as the Kijiji King

-Used gym equipment
-Would sell his soul for wings, donuts, and poke bowls
-Pro wrestling podcasts (proud member of the Cult of Cornette)

-East Coasters

-People who don't believe in the funk

Meet Joey!

Joey has all the qualities of a true martial artist: he is constantly improving, thinking about his game, his life is going nowhere and he has been broke for the last 25 years. And now his ultimate goal is to pass on his thoughtful approach to training and to create the best learning environment possible to everyone at KLIQ. You will unlikely ever meet a more calm and patient training partner, don't miss out.

Oh and:

-BJJ Brown Belt

-Pro MMA Fighter



About Pat

Name: "Relentless" Patrick Arseneau

Height: Short enough to train at Team Alpha Male

Weight: Light as a feather...weight



-Dem hands


-Fight IQ



-Too nice. Nice guy tho



-People who wear little booties and fancy pants to fight

-Basically everyone in fact



-Good luck finding one


Meet Pat!

Pat's been training for over 10 years. He started with kickboxing and slowly discovered that there's so much more to fighting and discovered how to use knees, elbows. He then realized you could wrestle his opponents to the ground and hold them down and hug them into surrender wearing spandex from head to toe. He hopes to take fighting to the next step and make his pro mma debut in the near future while simultaneously giving back to the community by coaching here at KLIQ. Come meet the martial artist, father, fighter, and coach who will guide you on your martial arts journey.


About The Kliq

The KLIQ started out as a group of friends from different backgrounds but the common denominator was a love for MMA. We coached, we fought, we trained, and we had a blast doing it. That was the KLIQ at its core. 

And now we want to guide our members through their martial arts journey in hopes of having a positive impact on their physical fitness and wellbeing. KLIQ brings to its members a flexible schedule for the general public and competitors alike along with having classes for specific groups such as women and children.

KLIQ also aspires to create an environment that allows its members to build strong relationships amongst each other.

Come meet the KLIQ and come find your own KLIQ too!

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